Favorite Fashion Designer

A fashion leader who I really look up to is 24 year old Kwon Jiyong who goes by the name of G-dragon (GD). Not only is he one of South Korea’s most influential person but he is one of the many reasons why you should visit South Korea. Jiyong is the leader/rapper of South Korea’s successful K-pop boy band called Big Bang. He loves to express himself not only through his music but also through his fashion. Jiyong’s sense of fashion and his style is very daring and he likes to make a statement. People often refer him as the male version of Lady Gaga and known for being a pretty boy. I find his style to be very interesting because he often likes to wear women’s clothing but he pulls it off very well. Everything he wears is very edgy, bold, expensive and different. He’s a fashionista from head to toe, from wearing unique outfits, having gorgeous accessories and to always having the coolest hairstyles. I love him because he is definitely a trend setter and always have the latest taste in fashion. He is someone who I can learn a lot from and and I love how open-minded he is, willing to try anything. I choose Kwon Jiyong as someone I look up to in the Fashion world because I would love to wear his wardrobe someday if I had the chance.

*Here is a picture I captured when I had the chance to see him perform live at the Alive Galaxy Tour 2012.


Links to his official pages:



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