Trash Couture

For the trash couture I decided to recreated a piece from Givenchy’s first collection, the Bettina Blouse. Hubert created this white blouse with huge ruffles on the sleeves. Along the sleeves were black stitches and mini cut-out circles that also had stitches around them. I was inspired to recreate the big ruffles on the sleeves because it was most important part of the blouse that stood out. For this project, I used all white plastic bags (small/large bags), white/black thread, needle and plastic bottles. I stitched all the pattern pieces together by incorporating outline stitch, whip stitch, buttonhole stitch and running stitch.

I started out by fusing all the white plastic bags together, cutting the patterns out and then sewing them together using outline stitch with white thread. Using plastic bottles, I created buttons by cutting mini circles and wrapping some plastic bags around the circle until I fulfilled the thickness of the button that I desired and placed it on the left side of the blouse. I used buttonhole stitch to closed the buttonhole on the right side of the blouse. As for the ruffles, I cut the plastic bags into circles. Then I folded the circle once and trimmed the corner so when the circle opens, it will have a hole in the middle. I slowly fitted the circle into the sleeve and sewed them using fell stitch. Lastly I stitched along the ruffle ends using running stitch with black thread.

*Front and Back

photo (2)

*Close-up of ruffle sleeves and buttons




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