1. In your social group, what are the structural norms for dressing?  How are these norms embodied?  If you were going to change the norms in your group how would you do so?

In my social group, what’s considered to be “norm” is casual clothing, your everyday basic pieces. Wearing pieces that are not over doing, by that I mean bold pairing prints on bold prints or just having a strong statement all over. We like to dress simple yet stylish and we may all dress differently but are still able to blend in with the rest. The style in which is normal in our group is wearing simple designs that embodies comfort, a hint of vintage with our own little taste.

For example, friend #1 (middle) in the 1st picture dresses hipster casual all the time, where friend #2 (middle) in the 2nd picture dresses more formal casual. And I on the other hand, dress casual but like to express my outfits based on the music I’m into, which are r&b, hip-hop, indie rock and pop. We all may have different taste but we all fit in the norms because we aren’t any different from one another.

If I was going to change norms in my group, I would wear something repeatedly until my friends go and buy something similar. That piece I wear would slowly become normal in my social group.

ImageWhere Casual–meets Vintage–meets Comfort–meets our own taste.

2. In what social situation were you embarrassed because of something you wore?  How did this situation affect future choices?

In high school, I remembered it was the day of our school rally. During the year of the winter, on that day I decided to wear my sister’s boots. To me, they looked very cute and stylish. They had fur on the inside with 4 straps on the side, light brown color and they were up to my knee. I didn’t realize at the time how puffy they looked and since I’m very petite, the boots made me looked a lot shorter since it was up to my knees. Not to mention I was wearing gray skinny jeans. A boy commented sarcastically how he liked my boots and chuckled off. I felt very embarrassed, and one of my friend later told me I looked goofy trying to pull off the huge “boots with fur” look.

It affected my choices in boots now, I never wear boots with fur. Neither do I wear boots up to my knees unless I know I can pull it off since they will make my knees look shorter and I’m already short. I definitely stay away from puffy boots and stick to fitted ones.


3. How do you perceive your body?  Passive or Political?  Please provide an example of why you think it is passive or political.

I believe my body is political. I dress to express what I like and what I don’t. Having shirts from concerts, or a statement of some sort of movement, I am the person to wear that. Just as Joanne Entwistle quoted in The Dress Body, “Far from being merely an instrument or object in the world our bodies are what give us our expression in the world. (1976: 5) ” (pg. 44) I will not let someone tell me what to wear unless I feel comfortable doing so because we are not an object.

Political statement is when you are wearing something that states how you feel. Examples of shirts that states what they are against, who they want to vote for, what they like, etc. Or dressing for a cause, movement, and events. Passive statement is when you let others control your body in what you do or wear. For instance most models would be perceived as having a passive body. Since they’re job is to model, they have no say in what they wear sometimes even if it’s taking nude pictures.


Reflective Quiz Answers

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    Jackie, I have reviewed your quizzes and they are complete. Thank you for the outstanding work in this course.

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