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Friday November 1st, 2013

Started off the day trying some Indonesian food (Banana Leaf located in Temple City, CA) with my best friend, then we continued on the day with lots of shopping/window-shopping (Westfield Santa Anita Mall) and ended the day with ice cream. I decided to wear an off the shoulder top with a pj-like patterned pants and a beanie.  I choose to wear these garments based on how I felt, which was to feel comfortable and something easy to take on and off if I was going to hit the fitting room while shopping. I also dressed accordingly to the weather which was said to be 75 Fahrenheit degree, however it was way hotter than expected. My turquoise beanie was chosen because I wanted a pop of color due to my simple black and white outfit, pairing it off with my Jeffrey Campbell boots because it was the only shoes I found that really matched my pants, carrying only my Steve Madden wallet because I hate to carry any bags with me while shopping and also I kept my jewelry simple since my pants was already a statement piece. I did not receive any comments however someone asked me how was I doing and told me to “have a great day!” as I was walking outside the restaurant.

One section from Identities Through Fashion talked about communication through fashion, “The concept of successful communication presupposes some sort of expectation that is being met or a standard that is being matched.” (pg. 121), came to my mind when my best friend figured I wore my beanie because I did not want to do anything to my hair. What I was trying to communicate through my fashion unintentionally became successful. We were on the same page where she understood why I wore a beanie even on a hot day and I thought that was interesting because only a small percentage of communicating through fashion would be successful.

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Diary

  1. lovelyjandl says:

    Love the outfit. Nice post

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