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Tuesday November 5th, 2013

Since I was knew I was going to be walking outside today, I wanted to wear the classic “jeans with white top” look except my jeans were black. In the morning I went to my dentist appointment, then off I went to downtown LA to get my swatches for my final garment project. The reason I chose the black jeans was because they weren’t too tight nor too loose so I can run around in them all day, the plaid hoodie was to keep me warm in the morning, the white tank was perfect with the belt/shoes since it had a hint of red. Then I decided to wear my pointy red flats just because they looked cute and so my outfit wouldn’t look too boring, I wore my belt to stand out and keep my pants up. Wearing this outfit made me feel very relaxed but if I walked too long in these flats, my feet would start to hurt a bit. Walking in the sun, I needed my shades for protection. One of the office lady at the dentist starred at my shoes and said “I love your shoes.” I thought of the Concise Dictionary of Dress video we watched in class and definitions we had to make for the words: amoured, tight, comfortable, plain, loose and fashionable.

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