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Wednesday November 6th, 2013

For today’s apparel I had on my open cut leggings, paired it with a simple printed white tee, covered with a denim flannel, topped with my black knitted beanie and slipped into my light brown boots in suede. I had class in the afternoon and stayed to finish my project afterwards. Then later at night time I did a quick stop to McDonald’s (in Pasadena) and headed to Walmart (in Rosemead) with my roommate and lastly stopped by to get some snow shaved ice cream (Fluff Ice located in Monterey Park). I always try to choose something comfortable and I think leggings/white tee are the most simplest. My beanies are always to keep me warmer since it gets colder at night time. I definitely felt starred at for my leggings and so that made me felt curious if people hated or loved it, but I was not self conscious about it. However, a classmate did comment on my leggings. She told me “I like your leggings.”

In Identities Through Fashion a statement from the author came to my mind, she said “I would argue that this evidence suggests there is little reason to believe identity is dependent on appearance,” (pg. 19). It came to my mind because I agree that my appearance is a part of my identity.

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