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Friday November 8th, 2013

Yesterday I stayed home to do my homework and later at night, I hit the lounge/bar (The Rabbit Hole in Alhambra) with my best friend. We decided to grab some drinks since it was a Friday night. I wore this chiffon see-through top with leather shapes, then I added my turquoise shorts with a pair of wedge sandals. First thing that came to my mind while choosing these outfits were, 1) wow only 3 pieces, how simple, 2) I didn’t want to suffocate, 3) I didn’t want to look too casual or too dressy and 4) I wanted to look age appropriate. So I went with a casual look, but because of the fabric material, it looked a bit dressy as well. It was actually colder outside than expected, so wearing this outfit made me felt cold but I brought my knitted cardigan along (although I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of it right before I left). These wedges were not my first choice for the night, but it looked nice with the shorts so I wore it although they ended up hurting my feet. I had a conversation about fashion with a man at the bar and he made a statement, which was “Yeah you really look classy tonight”, which I thought was funny because I felt more casual than classy. Therefore I knew my communication through my appearance was half successful, since I was going for the in between classy look. He later asked me if I usually dress like this and I told him I’m usually in boots/sneakers and have on a beanie. It was hard for him to believe that that’s what I usually wear because the fact that he saw me in this outfit, he probably thought I’m usually “classy” all the time.

Which leads me to a section in Identities Through Fashion where the author writes “Fashion choices, in particular, are linked to the fragmented identity and strategies of the performer, who is always obliged to cope with a variety of characters. It is an opportunity for distancing oneself from one’s official role, for giving the other roles an opportunity to emerge.” (pg. 72) I can definitely relate and agree with the author since I do feel that way about last night’s outfit. I think some of us, like myself have different personalities in different social environment. When I go out and dress how I “normally” don’t, it is the fun/talkative side of me that wants to come out. So people would definitely see a different side of me that they would not and it is not because I’m not being myself other times, but it is because that other character of me is becoming visible.

(*I realize this quote also relates to my Fashion Diary on Nov. 3rd as well.)

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