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Sunday November 10th, 2013

In the afternoon I grabbed some pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks near my place with my roommate. Stopped at a bakery in the West-field Santa Anita Mall (Paris Baguette) and then I went to Walmart to get some school supplies that I needed. I paired my white jeans with a gray tank, covered with my knitted black cardigan and wore my strapped oxford shoes. I haven’t worn my white jeans in a long time so I decided to put it into use, I choose my shoes since it had a rockish vibe to match my beaded skull tank and a cardigan to cover up. I also wore my black belt because I felt like something was missing. I comfortable as I felt, I got the chills regardless of the cardigan. I wanted to go back and change but I didn’t. The woman working at Starbucks liked my tank because of the beaded skull detailson it, she said “That’s a cool shirt you have on. I like the skulls.” The only thing that came to my mind while wearing this outfit is my mood. I’ve been wearing a lot of black because the weather is getting cold, I’ve been moody these days and today I’ve definitely listened to a lot of indie pop rock songs.

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One thought on “Fashion Diary

  1. madeatcsula says:

    Excellent work Jackie!

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