Alter Ego Identity Purposal

So for my final project as my alter ego identity, after so many ideas I’ve decided to challenge myself and be a super girly/feminine person. My style is really about comfort, casual yet fashionable. Dressing very feminine isn’t something I’m really interested in unless it’s some sort of occasion. For this project I will be going out wearing only one dress in different styles, fake eyelashes, super bright pink lipstick, incorporate bows/ribbon, wearing heels, carrying purses, sitting properly at casual restaurants and school (I tend to cross both my legs, lean forward a lot or slouch back) and just try to be as feminine as possible. The places  I will be going around are restaurants, school, home (in Fresno if possible), some sort of party, hanging out with friends, cafe, mall, and anywhere possible. I think this will be difficult for me because I hate wearing dresses and I hate looking girly. I’m definitely more casual and boyish.

lipstick dresses heels purse eyelashes

The many reasons why I decided to be a girly girl as my alter ego is because I want to find out why I hate wearing dresses, why I don’t wear pink as much, how my friends around me will react knowing that’s not the first thing I’d pick out, how I feel throughout the process, how people would treat me differently (like getting comments, better service), and if I had the chance to go home I’d love to see my family’s respond since they know I hate dresses. However I think my mom would be more than happy. I know I will feel extremely uncomfortable, however I’d also like to see if I’ve gotten use to this girly image after the project, if I can pull of this girly look, and hopefully learn something from it.

I’m inspired by Youtubers like Heart and Carli. Most Youtube guru’s I watch wear fake eyelashes everyday and they’re just really feminine. I guess I’m always curious how can you wear fake eyelashes everyday. Also I’m inspired by singer Ariana Grande, she always wear dresses, usually have the same half-up do hairstyle and wears girly colors.

*Heart, Carli and Ariana Grande



2 thoughts on “Alter Ego Identity Purposal

  1. madeatcsula says:

    what does that look like?

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