Quiz #5 Questions and Answers

1. What are the three cardinal attributes to define the sociological phenomenon of fashion? Provide a definition in your own words, based on what you read of each attribute.
The three cardinal attributes in Identities Through Fashion are temporal aspect, social aspect and material aspect. (pg. 160)
 a.) Temporal aspect: A never lasting discovery in fashion which leads to a constant change.
 b.)  Social aspect: Fashion is a communication and expression through what we wear and it determines who we are or want to be by collecting what we see.
 c.) Material aspect: The details that make up fashion besides clothing like accessories, hair, make-up, and more.
2. What does it mean, “Fashion is Play” How do you play at fashion? Provide examples, and images.
Simply it means playing with fashion. A form of art expressed through fashion by creating, dressing or styling based on your own creativity; coming up with a character or have characteristics in fashion. As stated in the book playing with fashion is “as important for internal life as resting” and it’s where we don’t have to take ourselves serious, just be fun with fashion and do not limit ourselves. (pg. 163)
*Famous people who plays with fashion in a dramatic way are Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj.
Lady Gaga Leaving Her Hotel With A Floral Hat
Some examples I play with fashion are the many different colored hair/hairstyles (i.e. blonde, black, red, short hair, long split hair, straight bangs, short bob, perm), trying piercings (i.e. nose pierce, eyebrow pierce) and the styles in clothing I wear everyday. Playing with fashion is almost an everyday thing for me because that’s how I want to express myself through my style. Just not as dramatic as Lady Gaga.
3. Define the Histrionic Attitude and Schizoid Attitude towards Fashion. Provide examples from your own experience.
Histrionic attitude is a personality disorder when people are “dependent on the opinion of others and therefore put an exaggerated amount of effort into their personal fashionable outlook.” (pg. 166) When one cares a lot about how they look like in what they dress and how others would respond, therefore they always try to look their best fashion wise.
Schizoid attitude is a personality in which they “do not care about the opinions of others. They have a very limited range of emotion, both in the expression and experiencing of feelings, and are especially indifferent to social relationships.” (pg. 166-167) Not really worrying about fashion and have little care for what others have to say about them, base on what they wear.
I have experiences in both attitudes all the time. For histrionic attitude, I tend to care about how I look like or how others would respond if I’m not familiar with them or if I have to stay out in public for a long time. Like going to the club, of course I want to look my best and I care about how I will look like for that night because we are in a place where everyone is dress to impress. Or going to a special occasion like a birthday dinner. As for schizoid attitude, I’ve also had days where I just don’t care how I look like. No make-up, sweats and tees, hair in a bun with a pair of sneakers and out the door. That’s how I usually look like when I’m at home even if people come over. I’ve gone out to places like restaurant, grocery stores, or shopping with a careless attitude too because sometimes you just don’t have time to care. Especially when you’re hungry and too lazy to cook or have no food left, I sure have no time to care when I need food.

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