Origami Design

My inspiration for the origami project comes from my triangle necklace.

traiI love triangles so I wanted a dress that incorporated triangles. Unlike the reading from The Cutting Edge, I did not want my garment to exaggerated with the shapes because I still wanted my garment to be easy access to get into. With the princess line, I created a dress above the knees keep is classy. I used the color mustard yellow and gray as a combination to outline the triangles in my dress. I emphasis the neckline with three triangles made by altering the two different colors. It is a three-dimensional shape and I choose the neckline to use it in replace of necklace. Triangles are also sewn on both sides of the dress because I wanted to show more details. Not just to focus on the upper half of the garment, but on the bottom and everywhere else.

1. Origami Triangle Pattern



2. Origami Triangle Sketch


3. Origami Triangle Muslin


4. Origami Triangle Dress Front and Side View



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