No-Waste Project

My inspiration is the season of spring/summer. I wanted to make something with flowers on it to represent the weather. Since my fabric is very sheer, I thought it would fit perfectly with my theme. Since I wanted a simple top, I decided to challenge myself someway by emphasizing the neckline and give it some details. When I began my process, I folded my fabric in half and measured from the fold to determine how low I wanted the neckline to come down. I then trimmed the side and sowed it to make the sleeves. The extras from the sides were used to make the shapes of the flowers for the neckline and the extra neckline pieces, I made it into a bracelet or a headband. At first it was quite difficult to imagine the results of how my flowers would come out, but as Timo Rissanen suggested that we should try out different shapes and style, I did just that. Therefore I made two different types of flowers to bring the illusion of a real flower and by doing so, that also help me to use up all the fabric. This project was very fun although I did had some issues trying to put the puzzles together and I enjoyed it.

1. No-Waste Sketch


2. No-Waste Design




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