Radical Rectangle Garment

In this project, by using a double colored yarn I created a sweater from crocheting with the tunisian stitch. I was inspired by Imi Knoebel, who is a German artist and he is recognized by his minimalist, sculptures and abstract painting. He mostly uses red, yellow and blue in his paintings.



Therefore, I wanted to create a sweater that was minimalist. The colors I chose for my sweater are white with gray, and black yarn which are very simple. At first I wanted everything to be in gray but since the store ran out of my yarn, I ended up using black yarns. With that, I made the sleeves black while the bodice was in white and gray. Also, I originally wanted to put a pocket on my sweater but I later switched that idea as well. Using the whip stitch, I outlined my side, neckline and the bottom of my sweater to add more dimension to it. The shoulder of the sweater can be closed with buttons and that makes it a lot easier to create a loose garment instead of a boxy top. Since my sweater is quite simple, and I usually like to focus on details, I used gold square buttons because I think gold looks best with black fabric. The difficulties that I faced was trying to figure out how I wanted my sleeves. I keep debating if I wanted to add gray stripes to the arms but I did not end up using that idea.

 1. Radical Rectangle Sketch


2. Radical Rectangle Garment

photo copy


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