Free Choice Assignment

For the free choice project, I wanted to do a garment that represented me. The garment is not specifically what I would wear, but the meaning of it resembles me. My inspiration comes from the flower Delphinium. It represents the summery July, the month of my birthday. This beautiful flower can be found in Europe. Although it is very beautiful, it can be dangerous. It can be very toxic to human beings as it is quite poisonous. To showcase the delicate and dangerous side of delphiniums, my fabric choice were faux leather and chiffon. Delphiniums comes in various of colors, from blue, pink, purple and white. I specifically choose the purple chiffon because it is my favorite color and black for the darkness. My garment is indeed beautiful but every beautiful thing has something wrong, as nothing is perfect. Just like myself, I have a soft and a tough side. Focusing on the back, my top has seven layers draping down. The seven layers represents the 7th month (July) and also my favorite number. I wanted the back to drape for the layers of each pedals and for the flow of the movement it has.






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